Our mission & goals

2019 Summer Junior league is now finished for the year.

Students 7th-12th grade have the opportunity to participate in high school golf team. 

No experience is required to join. 

Next golf season is spring 2020.

Contact Brad Haugen with FHS for details. 

How it works

League Details

Ages 9-15. 60 students max.

Weekly competitions involve flag & team prizes. 

$20/student. Max $50/family.

1 hour practices.

1.5-2 hour competitions. 

Easy participation

No membership required.

Golf clubs will be available if needed. 

No traveling. 

Affordable registration price.

Participants will be divided among teams sponsored by area businesses

All players will be assessed based on ability and skill, and placed at a fair starting distance, competing on an equal level regardless of their age, experience, and abilities.